How to quickly set up an FTP server on Ubuntu 18.04


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You have migrated all your Ubuntu Linux servers to the newest iteration and must get an FTP server up and working rapidly. How do you handle that process? It is truly extremely simple. I will present you easy methods to do exactly that, utilizing the VSFTP server.

VSFTP is a really safe and quick FTP daemon that makes setup and administration quite simple. Let’s get this up and working.

What you will want

Clearly, you will want Ubuntu Server 18.04 put in and working. Exterior of that, you will want an account with sudo privileges and some minutes time.

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Putting in VSFTP

The VSFTP daemon is present in the usual repositories, so set up could be pulled off with a single command. Open a terminal window and concern the next:

sudo apt-get set up vsftpd

Begin and allow the service with the instructions:

sudo systemctl begin vsftpd
sudo systemctl allow vsftpd

As soon as that set up completes, you are able to proceed.

Creating an FTP consumer

We’ll make this very simple and create a consumer for the FTP service you could then give out to those that want it (and do not have a consumer account on the server). This could possibly be thought of an account for generic FTP utilization. You possibly can at all times create extra, and anybody with a consumer account on the server can log through FTP. Our consumer shall be known as ftpuser and is created with the command:

sudo useradd -m ftpuser

Set the consumer’s password with the command:

sudo passwd ftpuser

Your consumer is able to go.

Configuring VSFTP

We’ll create a model new configuration file. Earlier than we try this, let’s rename the unique with the command:

sudo mv /and so on/vsftpd.conf /and so on/vsftpd.conf.orig

Create the brand new file with the command:

sudo nano /and so on/vsftpd.conf

In that file, place the next:

pay attention=NO
rsa_cert_file=/and so on/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem
rsa_private_key_file=/and so on/ssl/personal/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key

Logging in

At this level, it’s best to have the ability to log into your FTP server utilizing the ftpuser created earlier. Login together with your favourite FTP GUI consumer or the command line. Now you can add and obtain information to your coronary heart’s content material. These information shall be saved within the dwelling listing of the ftpuser consumer (so /dwelling/ftpuser). With our configuration file, we have disabled nameless utilization, so the one strategy to log in shall be with a working account on the server.

Performed and executed

That is it. In a few minute, you have created an FTP server on Ubuntu 18.04. It truly is that simple. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that is fairly fundamental. The objective was to get it up and working rapidly, so that you would possibly discover it does not completely suit your wants. Luckily, VSFTP is a reasonably versatile server. To study extra about what this FTP server can do, concern the command man vsftpd.

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